Read this before choosing lenses for Canon T7i!

lenses for Canon T7i

Camera lenses are as important as the camera body. And even though we’re awed by the value of the Canon t7i as one of the best entry-level DSLRs out there, we’re not going to forget about how getting the best lenses for Canon T7i is still a necessity.

The T7i is equipped with the Canon EF/EF-S lens mount.

Therefore, it can support 326 native lenses. But you don’t need 300 lenses. You only need a few for the things you’ll be doing. How do you choose which of these many lenses will be the best for you? Let’s find out!

Lens for travel and everyday photography

If you’re on holiday or are the type of photographer who is always on the move, you’ll probably not want to have to be changing lenses every minute.

You’ll need to choose an everyday lens that will help you capture decent shots, whether these are portraits, landscapes, etc.

Canon T7i lens for landscape photography

If you will be doing more landscape photography on your Canon T7i, you’ll need a lens that can go far enough. It could be a zoom or a prime, although zoom lenses are often the much better option. 

While your camera might come with a kit lens with a decent wide angle, you’ll need something more for excellent landscape photography.

Lens for wedding photography

Prime, zoom, macro lenses, etc. can all be used for weddings.

Except you need a single workhorse lens for the entire wedding job, your shootings will include everything from portraits to group shots, etc. you’ll need different types of lenses to capture different moments.

As great as the Canon T7i appears to be, you’ll still need the best lenses you can get to deliver the best results. However, what type of lenses you’ll need will depend on what kind of pictures you’ll be shooting.