Canon 80D Refurbished vs Used: Which is Better?

Nothing good comes cheap. And as awesome as the Canon 80D is, its high cost is the biggest deciding factor. Fortunately, you don’t have to get a “brand new” one, there are a few other options that ensure you get practically the same value at a lesser cost.

Canon 80D refurbished

So either get the used or a refurbished version. Whichever you get, you’ll either spend a significant amount of time regretting, or enjoying your photos. Here are the key differences between the Canon EOS 80D refurbished vs used.

What is a Canon 80D Refurbished Camera?

To put it simply, it means that the camera might have suffered some damages during transit to one customer, and upon discovering the damage, it was restored. In most cases, stores will put them in generic boxes, instead of the camera’s actual case, and they’re sold on the refurbished section of the store.

Pros of Buying Used Canon 80D

Used products will always have better discounts than refurbished – which might attract just 10% to 30% discount. With used, you might get as much as a 60% discount.

Cons of Buying Used

Unless you actually know the user of a used Canon 80D – and they better have the intention of upgrading, after not have been using it for more than a year – it’s almost pointless getting a used one. If you go with used, it’ll would be ideal if you were an expert in photography and know exactly what to look for in a good camera, because in all likelihood an online customer to customer site won’t tell you the truth.

Pro of Buying a Refurbished Canon 80D

Is refurbishment different from used? A hundred times yes. There shouldn’t even be a 80D refurbished vs used debate, because the store would have taken great pains to restore the camera back to its former glory, so you get a discount for a product that’s without any wear and tear.

Con of Buying Refurbished

The one downside of buying a refurbished Canon 80D is the constant nagging feeling that whatever was damaged will manifest itself again. To mitigate this worry, ensure you only buy refurbished products from authorized dealers, as they’ll not only have details of work done, but some also include warranties to allay whatever concerns you may have.